An unusual fleece from All Saints Spitalfields London

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Sorry guys. I’ve been off for two days because I am trying to finish my last sewing project as soon as possible, as you can see it and tell me what you think about it.

Today I took some pictures of one of my last purchasing from London. I always find interesting objects and clothes when I go there but, I have never bought so much as this time!

I walked inside on of the All Saint’s shops, and I couldn’t resist buying this spectacular fleece. It’ not a proper (sporty) sweatshirt, to me this garment looks more like a free time fleece that can be worn even with high heels.

I like it for its large hood that is not made like a classic one. It is a very imposing back, and all the fabric overabundance makes a very elegant fabric stratification on the front.

You can see my other purchasing here.

I simply love it! What do you think about it?








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