Anna Dello Russo, love her or hate her?

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  • I have been looking for some information about her for a while, but I haven’t found anything interesting, except for the classic Wikipedia description.

Who I am talking about? One of the most followed phenomenon of the web of the last few years, Anna Dello Russo.

I have to admit that I am quite ignorant about this woman. She suddenly appeared from one day to another all over the web, on many fashion magazines showing her outfits, but  I still have a lack of information about her working life.

Actually, sometimes I like her outfits and sometimes not. I like her irony and the way she uses dresses to celebrate fashion, and sometime I dislike the way she utilizes snazzy clothes to get a forced attention on herself.

Anyway, I am looking for answers about Anna’s working life and there are some questions that stuck in my brain since a long time:

How was this woman before becoming a fashion icon of the last few years? And what is she doing actually for Vogue Japan?

Can anybody of you help me to understand what Anna has done in her career? Everybody talks about her outfits but actually what did she create for the magazines she worked?

I would like to settle down my curiosity and to enrich my knowledge about contemporary history of fashion. Anybody can help?

 Updates 14.15 pm:

Fabio, a friend of mine, linked me this video about a shooting of Vogue Japan where Anna Dello Russo is responsible of the styling.


anna dello russo in prada

anna dello russo in moschino

anna dello russo in moschino

anna dello russo in moschino

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