Greetings from the Angelo Marani fall winter 2013/14 backstage

Finally I am back from the fashion show for the brand I work for. This season, as usual, we had a huge  amount of work to do to make everything look great, but in the end, I can say I am very satisfied of the collection we presented.

Fashion show is always a magic and at the same time a tension moment. You constantly ask yourself if you did a good job and if the public and journalists will like it. After hearing the public clapping their hands, while some embroidered garments walked trough the catwalk, I understood we did a good job.

I took some pictures of the backstage during the rare moments I was jobless,  but I had to do everything with my smartphone because the camera didn’t fit my jeans pockets. Here below I present you some of my pictures, the provisional video by Angelo Marani and another video from Fashiontv.

You can also see the details of the show on My favorite garments are the white pencil dress made of knitwear and technical fabric, the scuba embroidered and flocked bombers and the roses printed and embroidered oversize coat.

Have a nice vision!

 FashionTV video

 Angelo Marani provisional video

Angelo Marani Backstage FW 2013_1

Angelo Marani backstage fw 2013_2

Angelo Marani backstage fw 2013_2a

Running order

Angelo Marani backstage fw 2013_3

Angelo Marani backstage fw 2013_4

Angelo Marani backstage fw 2013_5

Angelo Marani backstage fw 2013_6

Angelo Marani backstage fw 2013_7

Angelo Marani backstage fw 2013_8

Angelo Marani backstage fw 2013_9

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  • MonicaP
    March 11, 2013

    Wow! What an exciting job that you have! It’s so great to get a sneak peak back stage .. I’ve always wondered what went on at these shows.

    I do love the leopard-ish black/white coat .. I’d snatch that up in a second.


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